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  • Adventure Day Tours
    Join one of our day tours, visiting Whitehaven Beach and the Hill Inlet Lookout, with plenty of time for a snorkel on one of the fringing coral reefs, even the opportunity to Scuba Dive!
  • Overnight Sailing
    Give yourself more time visiting Whitehaven Beach and the Hill Inlet Lookout, multiple snorkel locations and the option to Scuba Dive.  Plus the unique opportunity to sleep on a yacht over night in the magical Whitsundays! 
  • Deluxe Sailing
    Deluxe Sailing is for the couples market, or guests looking for a higher standard of service, private ensuite cabins and gourmet meals. Whitsunday Blue provides 2 or 3 night options.
  • Snorkelling and Diving
    We visit the best snorkelling and diving locations around the Whitsunday Islands. Olympic swimmer or first time in the water, we have you covered. Want to know more? Follow this link!
  • The Whitsundays
    The Whitsundays are part of the Cumberland Group that form the largest group of Coastal Islands on the Australian Coast. In total there are 74 islands located right in the centre of the Heritage Listed Great Barrier Reef Marine Park.
  • Private Charter
    Looking to travel with your family and friends? How about chartering your own vessel! Multiple options available for all budgets, come have a look!

Southern Cross Sailing Adventures has been providing Sailing holidays exploring beautiful locations such as Whitehaven Beach on Whitsunday Island, Blue Pearl Bay on Hayman Island, Butterfly Bay and Nara Inlet at Hook Island since 1985. We sail by famous resorts like Hayman Island, Hamilton Island and Daydream Island.

Whitsunday Islands Snorkelling and Diving MapDuring our Whitsundays sailing tours guests can get involved and learn the sailing basics, there is time to bushwalk on the islands and feel the sand between your toes.  Snorkel and swim on the islands fringing coral reefs.  A Scuba Diving option is also available on our tours for Introductory or Certified Scuba Dives.

The Whitsunday Islands are in the centre of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park and today 66 of the 74 islands remain undeveloped and in their natural state. For Snorkelling and Diving the most amazing fringing coral reefs teeming with marine life are located at Hayman Island and Hook Island. Langford Reef is a sand spit surrounded by coral reef which many turtles cruise around feeding and then rest on the bottom between the coral bommies. Coral bommies are coral structures with gaps in between and typically sand on the bottom in the gaps.  

Snorkelling in the Whitsundays is helpful for weaker swimmers or first time snorkellers because the reefs extend from the edge of the islands and the guests can swim just a few metres to the shore when they want to have a rest.  Indeed, in many of these locations if you stand on the edge of the beach in waste deep water you can see coral and fish.

Other amazing locations such as Dumbell Island, which is a beautiful anchorage and gets its name from its shape.... Then how about a unique opportunity to stand on a sand spit in the night under a sky full of stars... these experiences are sure to create envy and bragging rights with your friends.

Dumbell Island in the WhitsundaysSnorkelling Whitsunday IslandsLangford Reef under the stars